TMT - History in Miniature

Terrain Gallery

Tmterrain has produced a large amount of commission only terrain over the last few years. This gallery hopefully allows you to browse through some of those jobs and maybe inspire you to new projects and ideas.Omaha Beach in 15mm

There are over 600 photographs in the gallery so I have broken it into three sections:

  1. general themes where you can find fortifications, churches, terrain boards and so on.
  2. historical commissions such as Rorke's Drift. These can be close copies of actual buildings and battlefields or inspired by them.
  3. large projects both historical and fictitious. These tend to cover a large area or may involve large inspiring buildings

Most Recent Projects

In addition to the categories above I have added this section to give you a taster of what you'll find as well as highlighting my most recent projects. If you click on the photos it will take you to the relevant page for that photo.

all sorts of examples of 54mm workphotos of my painting standardexamples of resin pieces painted by me examples of the terrain boards I make

These next pictures of are my latest work:

a lovely Spanish chapel, part of a set of Spanish buildings in 40mma 54mm Stalingrad dioramaVictorian London pub- part of a large project28mm church suitable for wild west or ACW