TMT - History in Miniature

54mm work

54mm work covers scales from about 1/28th to 1/35th and there are examples of houses, hotels, landscapes and dioramas.

Normandy townI started taking this size commissions from when we started selling the John Jenkins figures in about 2006/7. 2 years later and a large proportion of my work is now in 54mm scale. It is a very rewarding scale to work in as the size allows more detail in the model and the customer tends to get alot of 'bang for their buck'.

Snowy scene with John Jenkins Snow shoes figures

Landscape commissions are probably the most common. I can do a simple grass board that can suite any period and can be done in any size right up to complicated snowy landscapes with a river and log cabin. I can design them so they will fit a number of periods.

part of Fort William Henry to fit a specific shelf size

More examples of dioramas and displays include shelf sized displays. These are on 18mm thick MDF bases. It makes an excellent foundation for whatever I build on it and can easily be cut to any size you want. These four examples are all on 2ft long by 1 foot wide boards.

a small ruin with a road in front to display AFV's or Napoleons cavalry Collectors Showcase half track disembarking its passengers on a bridge fighting for the gate

A more unusual commission is when I am asked to model the figures into the landscape I make. These can result in some spectacular effects as I can detail everywhere on the base without worrying about where figures can stand. These three pictures are hopefully good examples. The middle one, of the Alamo display (using Conti figures) is designed for the figures to be removed but when on display the landscape is modeled around the bases making them 'disappear'. More pictures of the ACW and Zulu here

ACW clash in 54mm using Collectors Showcase figures Conti Alamo sets displayed as one! Gloss 54mm escape across the river

Commissions for architecture vary from the individual ruin to large hotels,churches and historical buildings.

Magnificent 7 chapel a simple 54mm wooden house an interesting light show- early morning perhaps? the north gate

based on the Department store in Stalingrad A bridge too Far hotel! a big model I have made alot of these ruins to sell at the London show

These can be displayed by themselves as The Harstein hotel,Normandy church or The department store (probably my three largest models I have ever made) or in groups like the WW2 ruins in this Normandy town

single buldings grouped together

These last pictures of the Normandy town are from Wargames Illustrated magazine from a photo shoot with them in 2009.
The figures are mainly Collectors Showcase WW2 with the odd plastic one painted by me. All the vehicles are by Collectors Showcase.

82nd airborne getting the better of a German LMG fire directed down the road LMG fire from a different angle Tiger crosses bridge

the town careful Germans infantry support that LMG gets everywhere!

a Tiger V a carbine- RUN! not a place to fall over! time to escape not much space to manoeuvre

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.