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Bridges make a great centre piece for wargamers and collectors alike. You will find examples of stone, wood and girder bridges in various scales and sizes.

unstable dilapidated bridge during War of Independence

in the style of Burnsides bridge crossing Antietem creekSome of the bridges I have built have been fixed into the landscape which look the best but are the least flexible.It is worth thinking about when you want one. The bridge above is permanent. That is the only place it can ever be but as the roads are modeled into the boards as well it is the best way and the effect you get is terrific ( I think anyway!)

Girder bridges work fine as a stand alone piece as they can rest on opposite banks of the river. I have done a couple of models of Pegasus bridge (one in 15mm and one in 28mm) and they are fine as loose pieces to be rested on the river bank.
28mm Pegasus Bridge

Models of half bridges are very useful as well. They allow battles to be fought over large bridges without having to make the whole bridge so saving alot of space.The pictures below are of a bridge based on the Arnhem bridge. Although it is not strictly a half bridge model the girder part has been shrunk making it a practical model to wargame over. You can see more Arnhem buildings on the Arnhem page

20mm Arnhem bridge20mm scale concentrating on the girder bit!the pillars and pillbox at the paras end of the bridgeview from the paras angle- a Tiger I as well! Where is 30 Corp?

bridge going over river next to a Normandy village-all in 54mm scaleHalf bridge models are great to display figure collections. Water is very attractive on a diorama and half a bridge allows you to model a part of a river but not waste your valuable space by doing the whole river where you couldn't put any figures. The bridge adds a dramatic centre to the diorama and gives you the opportunity to use some of that space over the river.

The pictures below show how I was able to use the half bridge idea and add 30% onto the display area of a 30cmx60cm diorama. The bridge allows me to display figures on the bridge as well as more of the collection underneath it. The extra level on the diorama also adds interest as you can look at it from lots of directions giving you lots of opportunities for interesting photo angles

an empty bridge but shows you the layoutCollectors Showcase halftrack and crewCollectors Showcase halftrack and crewCollectors Showcase halftrack and crew underneath the bridge

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.