TMT - History in Miniature

Commercial work

The majority of my work is for collectors and wargamers but I am commissioned occasionally to produce work for other organizations.

display using Hornby pre painted buldings

28mm scale. The show was on the telly during the winter of 2009The biggest difference with commercial work is every job is time sensitive- it must be ready for an exhibition, a shop promotion or filming starts on a fixed date. The tightest deadline was a commission for the TV show Lewis. I had about three weeks to build a 4ftx4ft layout with a ruined wizards tower on a hill. The spec was quite specific and it needed to hold up to some close ups but be big enough not to get lost on the set. The final result looked great on the TV so was well worth the effort.

Another very challenging job was for British army. I had to recreate a training area on a 6ft x 4ft board in 3D. It turned out it was modeled in about 1/300th scale and the challenge was to turn a contoured 2D map of the area into an accurate 3D model. It turned out very well and it would have been perfect to play some 1/300th Ww2 games on it!

full tableshows changes in heightanother view

Rural Britain in miniatureI have also been involved with a PR company promoting rural life and the alternative ways of living in the country. I had to build a 4ftx4ft village that included lots of different uses of land and buildings e.g industry, railway, farming, housing etc etc. I was able to use the very nice range of buildings from Horby. An interesting commission that is probably furthest away from soldiers I have been asked to go in my work!

Display for Britains at the Tower of LondonI have also been involved in the hobby with commercial projects from making masters for wargamers and collectors to producing layouts to display their figures at their best. I do alot of work for W Britain for their displays at their dealers as well as their own display material on their show stand. The Tower of London display included a perspex cover and a hand painted back drop.

Other companies I have worked for include Grey Goose Collectables, New Model Amy (when they were around) and the Guards Toy Soldier Shop.

to display their enormous range of figures in the shopWiz kids UK Horrorklicks promotionNew Model Army show displayV2 display for Grey Goose in UK

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.