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TMterrain has done alot of dioramas for 54mm collectors. This is a big page with lots of photos so take your time. I have done more 54mm work than you see here but I have only included photos with figures as that is how I define a diorama. Lots more work can be found on the 54mm work

Snowshoes figures from John Jenkins range

Collectors Showcase figures embedded in dioramaMost of the dioramas I make need to have spaces left for figures to be placed but the following pictures show a job I did with the figures embedded in the layout. The approach allows me to use more severe gradients and texture the whole layout as I please. I think the approach pays off being able to display the figures interacting with each other but still with grass around their feet!

ACW dioramaACW dioramaACW dioramaACW diorama

54mm Zulu layoutThe ACW layout looks like it is the height of summer. The Zulu diorama (more pictures) is bathed in sunshine but I have done a few in the depths of winter! Snow effects look great when done properly. I think the key to snow is not to make the whole layout white- you need some ground work showing through to give the contrast to the snow.

icicles on a rock face- part of the bridge diorama-brrrr!lots of groundwork showing throughsorry about the colour-photo from our stand at the London ShowCollectors Showcase half track and crew under bridge

Conte figures in layoutAnother approach to diorama building is shown in the photo on the left. I was asked to make a base that would allow the Conte bases supplied in their sets to be displayed together. They also had to be displayed so the sets interact with each other. I had to try to match the colour and texture on the Conte bases and I think I did. The layout also had to fit the customers display cabinet so the measurements had to be precise.

54mm improvised tank repair shop- Figarti Tiger I

World War Two is a great source of diorama work. No surprise I suppose with the amount of wonderful figures available. Most of the layouts centre around buildings but does include more rural settings as well. The next series of pictures covers alot of it.You can see more Stalingrad pictures here and here.

part of London show display- inspired by photos of Pavlov's House. Figures are First Legion's Stalingrad figurestop view of butchers dioramarural Normandy with command posta photo from display at London show

Collectors Showcase figures in NormandyNormandy village photographed at a showanother shot of Normandy village in 54mmfirst of a series of shots of Collectors Showcase Panther outside Butchers shop
Collectors Showcase Panther outside Butchers shopCollectors Showcase Panther outside Butchers shopCollectors Showcase Panther outside Butchers shopCollectors Showcase Panther outside Butchers shop
Collectors Showcase Tiger I around Normandy ruinsnext door to butchers shopsmall ruin next to riverclose up of rural ruin. I know the tank is a WW1 tank but that was all I had for the photo!
Collectors Showcase 222 armoured car in the undergrowtha series of photos outside the Department store in Stalingrad featuring the First Legion Stalingrad range- this is the Stug III- First Legion's first AFVmore First Legion German infantryRussian sneaking around!
'over there'another Russian on the balconyStug III'up there'

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.