TMT - History in Miniature

Fantasy/ Sci Fi

TMterrain have been involved in a number of fantasy, science fiction and pulp jobs. The majority have been in 28mm and have been designed to compliment the well known high street ranges.

My favourite fantasy job was to recreate a Lord of the rings stone hall. I used the architectural style seen in the last film when they are getting the boat to leave Middle Earth. I made resin pillars to go on the outside and every inch is carved to look like stone. he finishing touch was the carving of the bird on the front of the hall. The hall is about 18" long so is a big piece and I am very proud of the result.

28mm Lord of the Rings Great Hall28mm Lord of the Rings Great Hall, highlighting the carving of the bird in the stone work28mm Lord of the Rings Great Hall, highlighting the pillar work along the side and the figure in the picture gives you an idea of the size of it28mm Lord of the Rings Great Hall, highlighting the shaped roof

The biggest was a ruined city to be fought over by hi tec armies of the future. I used alot of resin models and filled them out with my own creations. It turned into a 6ft x4ft table and I had to ship the lot to Germany.

28mm city of the future28mm sci fi city28mm sci fi city- from scratch built and resin piecessci fi-large!

Its a talking treeI project I really enjoyed and was very different to anything I had done before was some promotional work I did for Wiz Kids UK for them to promote their Horrorklicks game. I needed to produce 2 2ftx2ft board- one of a grave yard and one of the insides of a mad scientists mansion. Both boards were divided into squares just like their game boards. I disguised the squares so they didn't take away from the look of the boards. I used paving stones in the grave yard and patterns of floor tiles in the mansion. This idea would work well or any skirmish type game.

the full boardwhat is in there then!mad scientist equipmentCol Mustard in the library with the zombie!

a black, shiny towerFantasy work seems to centre around fortifications. I was hired to make a wizards hide away for ITVbut I have also made a traditional looking castle for knights to defend against marauding goblins but I have also been asked to make a fantasy football pitch. I also made a seige tower to go with the castle but I don't have a photo of it unfortunately.

Fantasy castleFantasy football pitch

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.