TMT - History in Miniature


Farms are great buildings to fight over and so TMTerrain have been commissioned to make a few. Most have been in 28mm scale but more recently I did a small New England farm in 40mm for the American War of Independence.

40mm AWI farm house, figures by Sash and Saber, flags by the Flag Dude

40mm AWI farm 40mm AWI barn 40mm AWI farm40mm AWI farm, rear

40mm AWI farm again 40mm AWI farm from the other side fighting around the farmdetail of Grandt line doors

I used wood for the planking and shingles and the window frames and newel posts came from Grandt Line in the USA. They make a wonderful range of window frames, doors and accessories that I find extremely useful.

28mm European farmOne of the earliest projects I did was a farmhouse complex inspired by a picture I found of a farm involved in the Battle of the Bulge. I only had the front of the farm so everything else was made up. I needed a centre piece for a skirmish game so a 60cm x 60cm farm with barns and stables gave me that. Saying I wanted it for a WW2 skirmish, you may notice the figures in the photos are Seven Years War- it just shows how many wars buildings can get involved in!

28mm European farmThe windows are again resin casts that I had made. The stone walling comes from the range of sheet material by Wills. The skill in using this sheet is to get the joins to disappear as the sheets are quite small. Finally, the tiling was done by hand- each tile individually stuck on. It took me hours so I now have a resin sheet of tiles that I use instead!

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.