TMT - History in Miniature


Castles, forts, blockhouses, city walls, redoubts and trenches all come under this heading.

blockhouse with removable roof28mm English Civil War moated manor house54mm wooden Norman Keep54mm fort with john jenkins figures

The commission that started Tmterrain off was a French Indian fort and trenches. It is a mixture of different fortifications of the period but it is easily recognizable as a French Indian fort. It is set next to a river bank surrounded by trenches

28mm French Indian fort besiegedthe fort on the river bank

I have been asked to recreate two specific historical fortifications, both is 15mm scale as it happens.

15mm Fort William HenryFort William Henry had to be no bigger than 3 feet square. I also had to ship to the USA so to keep the shipping costs down I made it in 4 18"x18" sections. The barrack buildings were lose so could be laid out in various ways or missed off completely as necessary.I really enjoyed this one as I like the angles of the walls and how imposing it looked when finished.

Alamo chapelThe Alamo was another project I really wanted to do, it being a very well known fight against the odds. The customer supplied all the information I needed so all I had to do was concentrate on making it. The challenge here was to lay out all the buildings properly and to try to finish the walls so they looked well used.

28mm York city gatesI have done a couple of city walls, both 28mm. The York wall is part of a large project recreating part of the city during the English Civil war. I took one of the gates as the centre piece and then made 4 feet more of straight forward wall, painted grey and weathered it looked ready to fend off any besiegers! The stone work was carved from dried modeling clay- a long job but worth it for the effect. I remember using one of the existing gates as a reference but I can't remember which one as I think there are still four left in York.

28mm city wall showing height variationThe second wall was a Spanish walled town. This was modeled on different heights with built in barracks and a couple of gate houses. It also had two sections that can be removed so a damaged piece can be added instead so you an recreate a breech. These are great for gaming as you can really follow the progress of the siege as you watch the walls come down. The focus of the piece is the large circular tower and enormous barracks at one end of the town. You can see more details and lots more photos here.

20mm German defence positionI have done a number of trench systems some of which can be seen in the World War I page but a small system I did was a 20mm German WW2 company defensive position. This is a 4 feetx2 feet hill with the trenches built into it. I thought the idea was a good one and there should be lots of scenarios to play with it.

Finally, here are a few more pictures of other fortifications I have done- fantasy castle, a Lord of the Rings hall,more 54mm french and Indian war forts

54mm redoubt using resin gabions28mm castle for fantasy battlesLord of the rings hall54mm parapet with John Jenkins figures

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.