TMT - History in Miniature


Industrial is a bit of a vague category but I have filled it with any factories, warehousing and a bit of industrialized warefare; an airfield!

Victorian warehouse

The project with most photos here is Victorian London. The warehousing of that period makes superb buildings to skirmish around. They are very atmospheric and 'broody' as if you expect something bad to happen nearby! I have tried to make them look well used without enough time to keep them well maintained. This project was made in 28mm scale and completed over a couple of years. Shortly after finishing the first I am now on my second town for another customer.

deserted warehousewarehousing on the waterfrontrow of warehousesroof and eaves detail

An unusual commission (unusual in that I have only been asked the once) was to make a small 20mm scale temporary airfield set somewhere in the Pacific. I needed to make a hanger, runway, some fuel storage and a 'control tower. This is the result:

20mm airfield showing all the elementspalm tree and corrugated iron hanger.more trees- I bought them but can't remember where from!fuel tanks made out of 35mm film canisters so have to re think what to use next time!

54mm factory ruinFinally just a few more shots of a couple of other industrial buildings. The ruin is a factory that I displayed in a Stalingrad setting and the other building with the big chimney is a Victorian style factory. The ruined factory is a 54mm piece make pretty much from resin pieces from various sources.

3 floored factory. Windows from Grandt Line in USAa big chimney!detail of rear of factory54mm ruined factory- displayed at London Toy Soldier show, June 2009

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.