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TMterrain has defined landscapes as a layout (large or small) ready for figures to be added. Saying that is is mainly an excuse to group photos together that give the idea of a landscape! I think we might be on dodgy ground with the category but as long as you like them then it is OK!

 OMaha beach landscape in 15mm

15mm PekingThe first collection of photo's are a varied bunch that I think just about fit here. Three are 54mm scale and the picture on the left is 15mm. The 15mm picture is part of Peking during the Boxer Rebellion- part of the European compounds.The roofs are made from a resin sheet that I made. The three below make up an interesting mix. The waterfall and pond show how a water fearture can really bring a display to life. The waterfall adds movement and interest along with the changes in height makes it a very dynamic piece. The pond is a smaller part of a larger display and hopefully adds a talking point to the landscape.The V2 launch site is a 4ft x 2ft display able to display 3 V2 models along with all the support vehicles and crew.

catching lunch54mm V2 launch site 54mm waterfall with John Jenkins Indians

I have been involved in some big projects that have developed over a year or two- sometimes a building at a time, sometimes in regular large chunks. You can find more details of some of these projects on the large projects section.

Victorian London

28mm Eastern European town table28mm Sci Fi Ruined city28mm Stalingrad ruined landscape28mm York- just a part of it

28mm Wild West game at Cold Wars, run by Maryland Partisans28mm WW2 town at Cold Wars, again by Maryland Partisansanother shot of the WW2 town at Cold Warsfinal shot of town

Finally here is another set of photos. I don't think there is anything else to say so I hope you enjoy them.

15mm table made up of 1ft x 1ft boards28mm ACW ready to add figures and more terrainapprox 1/300th scale landscape54mm Bocage
54mm small Normandy displaycustomer photo of 15mm game in a valley28mm trench works around French Indian fort28mm Sudan game at Cold Wars
28mm Eastern European town table28mm WW1 table-lots of better shots elsewhere!28mm Stalingrad ruined landscape28mm York- just a part of it

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.