TMT - History in Miniature

Painted figures

I will paint anything from 20mm up to 54mm. I paint to a good wargaming or collectors standard and have been painting for people for over 20 years. Have a look at the figure painting for more details

1 700th Skytrex ship.28mm cavalry40mm Sash and Saber going over scratch built bridgea selection of 54mm, taken at a London show

The majority of my work is in 28mm but I am finding more 54mm work now. I do find this scale very rewarding

Perrys 28mm figures a Redskins fan!part of a larger armyNormandy Panther in 20mm

I get commissions for just a few figures upto complete armies. I am happy to make and paint and other kits as well as rigging ships.

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.