TMT - History in Miniature


TMterrain has done a number of ruins over the years and nearly all are for World War Two. The odd commission was set in other periods but 99% are for World War Two so this page is full of buildings found in ruins between 1939 and 1945.

54mm display piece ofr London show with First Legion figures

54mm Stalingrad department store with First Legion figuresI think I can be even more specific- most of the ruins are done for Stalingrad followed closely by Normandy. The Stalingrad image is one of ruin and devastation so it probably is no surprise.The picture on the right is a 54mm representation of the Department store in the city where I understand the Germans finally surrendered to the Soviets. It is damaged but not completely destroyed.

one of the one off ruins on displayI have done alot of other 54mm ruins. They are individually based and are excellent to add to displays and layouts. I always try to make a few for the London Toy Soldier shows but you can get them direct from me if you like - email me with what you want (link at bottom of the page). I will have to make them so be patient!

lots of one offs together to make a townI only had a Napoleonic figure around when I was doing the photography!like the wallpaper?another one off on display

I made alot of 28mm buildings for Operation Market Garden, specifically for Arnhem. Most of them seemed to involve a certain amount of destruction as you can see. Unfortunately the project was never finished but it looked very impressive the part I was able to finish.

ruin1a large base which includes a company HQ (I think) for paras at the bridgeruin2ruin3

Finally, a few more pictures of other ruins I have done-

20mm corner row of houses25mm church54mm Normandy diorama28mm ruined factory

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.