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Terrain boards

TMterrain's terrain boards are some of the toughest and most robust boards on the market. I only make them to order but each one starts with a frame of MDF with a hardboard base which I then filled with insulation foam.

ACW boards with green flock finish 28mm desert finish using sand, glue and paint 15mm layout with commercially available pre painted buildings. I was pleased with how the sea turned outthe winter feel

6ftx4ft 28mm WW1 layout

I generally finish them in one of two ways- sand and glue painted to whatever colour you want or I flock them. The sand option is really tough and ideal for the heavy use of a wargamer. The flock finish looks more realistic as I get more colour variation and texture but it is not as hardy as the sand option.

green flock finish alongside a rocky outcrop close up of what the green flock texture is like sand, glue and paint finish. I did the rivers on a half size board which works wella customer photo of his terrain in action. Sand,glue and paint finish. A valley with a river down the middle

WW1 28mm board. The boards are only made to order so you can have just what you want. The most common size is just under 60cm x 60cm but I can make them any size you like as long as I can get them out of my loft so no bigger than 90cm x 90cm.
The following pictures may give you a few ideas or inspire your own plans. Email me to discuss what you want in more detail or go to the terrain boards page for more specific details.

I have done anything from a flat grass board up to the plains of the USA with hidden gold mines to a full World War One table layout.

20mm WW2 railway embankment with bridge cutting through it- sand and glue finish a rock face another shot of the ACW 28mm layout54mm 2ftx2ft board with adobe house and well

54mm layout to display the Figarti V2 range of figures can you spot David and Mark of TMterrain along with their US friends at Cold Wars fighting over desert terrain Jim playing on his desert board at Cold Wars20mm German hill defence on 2 2ftx2ft boards

15mm WW1 layout in 1ftx1ft sections another example of a sand and glue finish with a river looking over a little' Burnsides Bridge at the flocked hillsides in the distanceyou can see the height variation on this picture

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.