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Arnhem buildings

Operation Market Garden, September 1944 has given TMterrain quite a few projects over the years. The operation appeals to both the wargamer and collector so I have done work in 20mm, 28 and 54mm scales.

Collectors Showcase British Para helping wounded comrade in front of hotel

I thought about what to write to accompany the photos but I think the best thing I can do is let the photos speak for themselves!

cellar windows behind Collectors Showcase SDKFZ 222The biggest single building I have made is the The Hartenstein Hotel in 54mm scale. The model is 4 feet wide, over 2 feet high and nearly 2 feet deep. It depicts the back of the hotel during the battle. If I had remembered to take some photos of the reverse of the model they would show it is open. I have added floors and rooms and I have designed it so you can get figures into the cellar and fire out of the small windows at ground level. Also, figures can be placed in the attic by the window. It means there are 2 floors, a cellar and an attic that can have soldiers on and can be displayed at the windows.
The windows, balustrade and cornice are all resin so can be easily put to use again if any one wants another!Enough talk, here are the pictures:



All the figures in the pictures are from Collectors Showcase.

the real church todayThe 28mm Arnhem work had plans as a large recreation of the fighting in and around the bridge. I did a number of ruined my model, 1944buildings (more detail on the Arnhem page) but the centre piece I completed was a model of St. Walburgis church. The church was damaged during the fighting with a plane crashing into one of the spires as well as other damage caused by the fighting.
The pictures include some 28mm paras (US ones as they were the only ones I had!) so you can judge just how big it is. It is over 3 feet long and 2 feet high. It was shipped to the USA safely when it was finished.

 Walburgis church1Walburgis church2Walburgis church3Walburgis church4

Arnhem bridgeArnhem bridgeThe final few pictures are 20mm scale models. The models are inspired by the Rapid Fire Market Garden Supplements. I used the photos in Colin's book to re create the four buildings below. The brick building is St Elizabeth's Hospital. The roof doesn't come off it wasn't involved in the fighting so there is no need to place figures inside. The hexagonal building is the museum and you can get inside this one. It was an interesting building to make as it is such an unusual shape. The final two were again taken from Colin's book so I don't know if they represent specific buildings or not. The bridge didn't come from Colin's book. The girder construction and the pill box along with the raised ramp does hint at the model being a representation of Arnhem bridge.
The pictures are not the best, some out of focus and for some reason I photographed the museum before I had painted the pavement but they give you a good idea of what they look like.

St Elizabeth's Hospital1Elizabeth's Hospital2Elizabeth's Hospital3Elizabeth's Hospital4

Small houselarge houseMuseum1Museum2

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.