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Gettysburg- July 1-3rd 1863

Gettyburg, perhaps the turning point of the war and marks the high tide of the Confederacy. Two armies stand face to face for three days fighting over the 'good ground' around Gettysburg- Culps Hill, the round tops, Devils Den and Cemetery ridge some of the most well known features of the war.

painting by Don Troiani of Hancock in front of the Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse

the gatehouse as it is todayTwo of the most famous buildings on the battle field is the Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse and the Lutheran Seminary. General Buford used the Cupola on top of the Seminary look over the battlefield on the first day.

I was asked to recreate both structures in 28mm. I couldn't believe my luck as the American Civil War is my favourite period so I love to make anything involved in the war. I have visited Gettysburg a few times and it is always great to make something you have seen in the flesh!

28mm model with my own ACW figures marching through. Flags by the Flag Dude

beautiful arched windows from Grandt LineI started with the gatehouse. the downstairs windows as wellThe windows are always a good place to start for me. I try to decide on the size and style of the windows and then the rest of the building fits around that. This is how I started with the gatehouse. The arch windows on the first floor are one of the most striking features so I needed to get them right. cornice detailI turned to Grandt Line gatehouse rearin the USA and they have the perfect window for it. To make matters even better the down stairs windows were found in their range as well. Once I had the dimensions of the windows I worked the rest of the gatehouse around that.The cornice around the tops of the turrets were important. Looking at the photos of the time it seems it was not painted white as it is today so I left it brick coloured. It is difficult to say if I am right or wrong as the photos then were all black and white!


The Seminary plus Union flagsThe Seminary was designed the same way as the gatehouse with the windows being sorted out first. Once that was decided I realized the building would be nearly two feet wide and over one foot the reartall not including the cupola. A massive structure in 28mm! A frame was made, clad in brick embossed plasti card and the windows added. The challenge for this model though was the roof and cupola. the roofThere are chimneys, dorma windows and all sorts going on not to mention the close up of cupolacupola so I had to take my time. I simplified and strengthened the cupola a little- the original is a more ornate and the roof line more complicated than in the model. The roof comes off so you can add Buford and his staff if necessary!

rearchimney designfrontmore roof detail

more flags in front of the SeminaryThe cupola

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