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Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7- not exactly a historical subject but one that gave me some very specific information to use! The film was made in the 60's as well so historical might be right!

the Seven hit town- can you remember all the names?

I really enjoyed this commission- I had an excuse to watch the film again. When you watch it specifically looking at the buildings you realise just how much of the action took place around the church. Also, you get almost a 360 degree view of the building by the end of the film. The only bit I couldn't see in the film was where the bell tower joined the main building.

Steve Mcqueen in the bell towerThe bandits arrivethe seven in the streetthe rear of the church

is that a pig under his arm!The commission was for a 54mm recreation of the town in the film. The church had to be easily recognisable as was the building with the arches but the others had to be typical adobe type buildings.There were five buildings altogether- the church, the arches building and three houses. They were all on individual bases so each game could be different. The insides of all the buildings were accessible- a must for skirmish gaming. They were all shipped off to the USA when finished.

another one bites the dust'you came back-why'Robert Vaughan looks like he is in trouble!the townsfolk get involved too

All the photos came from Wargames Illustrated magazine, taken for a photo shoot in 2009. The figures are painted by me, are plastic 54mm and are supplied by Steve Weston's Toy Soldiers.

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.