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Stalingrad buildings

TMterrain have made a few Stalingrad type buildings but there are only three that are copies of actual buildings and then one of those being out of the movies!

 The department store

building from the film Enemy at the GatePavlovs House

the real department store after the battleThe Department Store is based on the building in Stalingrad where the Germans finally surrendered. I built it to display the First Legion Stalingrad figures and it needed to be on a two foot by two foot board so I could Department Store modelonly model a very small part of the whole thing. As you can see from the photo of the original building it is a big structure. Most of the building is a straight forward square building but the entrance is the memorable bit and I thought I had enough room on the base to recreate that bit of it even in 54mm scale.close up of the model highlighting the windows and balcony. Figures by First Legion I soon realised that I didn't have the room to recreate it exactly so although I could put the right number of floors in I couldn't get the right number another angle of the balcony. Tank is a Stug III from First Legionof windows around the curve on the corner. If I had tried then it would have looked very wrong and out of proportion. The model ended up being over two feet tall but it looks right being that big. You can get figures on the balconies and inside by all the windows as well as space in front of it to display your collection. The model was the centre piece for our stand at the London Toy soldier show in Dec 09.

on the roof. A First Legion Russian figuremore balcony detailfront door close upone of the 'pillars'
in action with First Legion figuresclose up of window with First Legion German figureGerman directing fire onto balconymaybe an ambush from the balcony!

the original photo of Pavlov's housePavlov's house was a 20mm commission. I had information about the heroic stand made by a small group of Russians led by Pavlov against numerous German attacks. I only had one photo ofmy model showing the ruined end what it looked like (really there is no guarantee that the photo is of the real house) which you can see on the left. It is a fairly straight forward building but the eye catching part is the ruined end. I had to get that bit right. Using real miniature bricks, lots of wood and the generous use of black washes I was pleased with the finished result!

frontruined endthe other endruined roof

The last building in this section is stretching the description of a historical building beyond breaking point. It is based on a building from the film Enemy at the Gates where the Russian hero and his sniper buddy are jumping across gaps. His buddy gets shot by the German sniper. The flm gives you a good look at the outside of the building before the jumping episode so I thought I would use it! The model was 28mm scale and covered two feet x two feet in total.

end view of the 'jumper' buildingthe gap they jumped maybe?

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.