TMT - History in Miniature

The Alamo

The Alamo- maybe as famous as Rorke's Drift and maybe for the same reasons- heroic stand against overwhelming odds.
This model was an early one in TMterrain's history so I have forgotten much of the detail of how I did it!

The Alamo compound from above

The commission was for a 15mm model of the whole compound. My customer supplied me with enough research material so I didn't need to do that part.

The buildings themselves are all straight forward adobe type structures so once I started modeling it was reasonably straight forward. The challenge was in the planning- the layout, how it all joined together, and making sure I got the accurate detail in the right places.

The most ornate and complicated building in the compound was the chapel. The facade has alot going on but in 15mm scale I was able to simplify it a little and still make it look right and recognizable as the Alamo chapel.

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