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Fugitive's Drift- a Zulu war diorama

Fugitive's Drift is a diorama depicting the escape of a band of British and allied soldiers after the battle of Isandlwana. They were attacked by Zulus crossing the Mzinyathi river.

Drift 1

Drift 2The diorama is in 54mm scale, the figures specially converted by Soldiers of the Queen- they supplied them cut in half so they look submerged when crossing the river. The customer gave me a very good plan including a drawing and background information. It was my job to model the party into the river and create a back drop for the Zulus to be positioned. The plan was to have Zulus everywhere on one side of the river so I needed to make sure I left lots of clear areas.

Drift 3I was very pleased with how the water looked and how the figures seem to be struggling to get to the other side. I sometimes use resin to make water but this time it was painted and varnished wall filler- resin would have been transparent and so given away the illusion of the figures submerged!The figures upto their shoulders amongst the rocks were also supplied by Soldiers of The Queen cut down to size.

This diorama shows how good a display can look when the figures are embedded into the display. The approach isn't practical most of the time but but well worth thinking about if you are looking for something spectacular!

Drift 4Drift 5Drift 6Drift 7

Drift 8Drift 9Drift 10

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