TMT - History in Miniature


One of the first large projects for TMterrain was recreating Arnhem in 28mm for refighting Operation Market Garden in September 1944.

Public works and Traffic office

St Walburgis churchThe project was split into manageable sections with section one being on the left of the bridge (if you have your back to the bridge) following Marksstraat parallel to the road up to the bridge. We started at the Public Works and Traffic Office (an H shaped building) moved up and finished at the St Walburgis Church. That small area (maybe 20% of the total area needed to be modeled) must have been about eight feet long and six feet wide.

one of the houses taken by customerWe had a photo of the street and the whole row seemed to be in ruins until you start to move away from the bridge where things got less of the ruins taken by customer The plan was to build a separate base with the pavements and gardens modeled on it and then the buildings placed on it when it was time to play. It meant the houses had to have no bases on them at all but the ruined ones needed some rubble around their bases as you can see from the two photos. The two exceptions to this were the church and the Public works building. They were built on their own bases as they were so big they needed something to support them.
another ruin with defenderThe street was completed by a selection of different designs and sizes of houses until it got to the St Walburgis Church- the wow part of section 1. Unfortunately, that was the end of the project and Arnhem was never completed but what I did still makes a great stand alone game-an eight foot by six foot table is big enough for most gamers to play on! I never got to make the bridge in 28mm!

rear of buildingun touched buildingsmall ruin with defenderbadly ruined with defender

small ruin with defender outsidelike the colour scheme? larger ruinhardly anything left

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.