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Eastern European City

TMterrain was asked to make a table that would be suitable to game World War Two Eastern Front skirmish games set near the end of the war.

All of the following photos have been supplied by Wargames Illustrated and were taken at photo shoot for the magazine. I am very grateful they let us have copies.

road inbetween blocksshowing the tram lines in the road

overall shotThe brief was quite specific with what needed to be where, period photos to inspire me and the type of game that was going to be played on it. I like a detailed brief as alot of the decision making is taken out of my hands and there is only me to blame if I misinterpret the brief. A tight brief does not restrict how I can work so never worry about giving me lots of information!

roof detailThe table was only four feet square in 28mm scale so the action would be intense and immediate- just right for a skirmish game.The two large office/apartment blocks had to be inside the apartment block showing the inside roomstall with lots of windows and the insides had to have floors and walls in for internal fighting. The road outside needed a tram line running along it and needed to be cobbled. This was an important touch as there is T34 moving through the layout.quite alot of road so to just make it a bland textured surface would have taken alot away from the table.

The rest of the table was filled with a row of shops and then four houses. Overall there was alot of terrain to fight over- some good objectives, opportunities for counter attacks quick movement along the roads- all in all a table designed to help make a great game.

Eastern European city1Eastern European city2Eastern European city3Eastern European city4
Eastern European city5Eastern European city6Eastern European city7Eastern European city8
Eastern European city9Eastern European city10Eastern European city11Eastern European city12

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