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This page covers a couple of Stalingrad 'large'projects and are all based around the fighting between the Russians and Germans during WW2 at the end of 1942. Stalingrad, being a large Russian city has given me lots of opportunities to build large ruined buildings and I hope I haven’t disappointed.

tank repair shop in 54mmthe big 28mm project- ignore the fridge in the background!54mm display piece54mm factory

Enemy at the Gate buildingThe first project was a biggy and the commission arrived very early in the life of Tmterrain. It began with one large ruin that I based on the ‘jumping’ building in the film Enemy at the Gates. This then developed into a full 8ft x6ft table full of ruins and cover. resin models in a scratch built sceneThis was a good example where I use existing resin models to keep the cost down and then spend the majority of the budget on some real eye catching pieces. The pictures show a number of basic brick ruins and these were all resin that I painted, added floors and then positioned on the boards. These covered a large area to fight over. I was able to finish off with a representation of the Department store front and some ruined factories. (apologies for the background detail in these pictures- the kitchen floor was the biggest area I could find!)

inside a factorymy first effort at the Department storelooking over the ruined factory- a snipersview?in amongst the muck and dirt

scratch built factory next to resin ruinstall ruin made from resin piecesoverlooking a road lined with resin ruinsa Tiger II in Stalingrad- Opps!

Finally, Stalingrad in 54mm scale- the factory goes at one end with a smaller block of flats that could be split in two depending on the room for displaying and then a smaller ruin with a couple of trenches finished it off. I originally built it to display the new WW2 First Legion figures at the London Toy Soldier show in June 09 and the whole thing was sold on the day.

the whole tablebadly damaged apartmentthey fought everywherefactory and water tower

This meant I had to build another display for December and I chose the front of the Department store again. This was again sold by the end of the show. I left a large flat area at the front to display the new Stug III model and I think it showed it off beautifully.

stug infront of department store

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.