TMT - History in Miniature

28mm Walled Town

Based in the Napoleonic Peninsual Wars, this town was designed as a coastal walled town that would be fought over by landing parties of marines as well as assaulted from the landward side.

The barracks

The whole model is 4ft x 4ft with walls going around the full perimeter. Two sections of wall come out and can be replaced by ruined sections ready for the siege guns. A few gun towers and some wall on higher ground finish off the effects nicey. I painted it grey to contrast with the sandy coloured buildings inside the town and I think it works well. All the buildings are resin supplied by Grand manner and painted by me to fit into the town. The idea was to spend the money on the ‘wow’ of the walls and keep the cost down with the normal town buildings. The buildings filled the town so gave it a really claustrophobic feel.

Grand Manner buildings arranged in townthe rooftopsbuildings on the raised levelthe whole town

The eye catching part of the wall is the large round turret positioned at the highest point of the wall. It is about 20cm in diameter and was made with thin strips of balsa wood glued together around a circle the diameter of the tower. Once dry, I then sanded down the balsa until smooth and then added the air dried clay to the wood. When that was dry I carved out the stone work. The whole outside wall was clad the same way.

the large towerthe tower againand againand finally....

gatehouseThe model had so much wall that I decided I needed to add a detail that would break up the plain stonework so I added arches to the outer wall. I repeated the pattern inside as well. The arches gave me the opportunity to paint more shadows and grime onto the wall, again helping to add variety to the outer walls. Finally, I needed to add a couple of gates and I created small gatehouses that helped strengthen the entrance.

wall stepped up the hillmore arches and stepsarches inside on the wallno gradien to go up but still arches!

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