TMT - History in Miniature

World War 1

TMterrain have done a couple of World War One battlefield layouts. The first was in 15mm and made on 1 footx1 foot square boards. The project this we are concentrating on here is in 28mm and was done on 3 4ft x 2ft boards.

concrete bunker built into trench system

view down a trenchThe brief was quite a tight one- six feet x four feet made up of three boards, each four ft x two ft. One board was to be no mans land with shell holes dotted everywhere. One row of trenches was just a single line with some ruined buildings behind and a couple of concrete bunkers out if front and the other trench line having two lines of trenches connected by communication trenches.

ready for actionplane down

The boards are made in the usual way- an MDF wooden frame, 50mm deep with a hardboard base. I usually fill the frame with 50mm thick foam but this time I used two layers of 25mm thick foam. It is easy to cut out the trenches from 25mm thick foam.

no mans landa bridge!the final assaulta side view

Once I had textured and painted it I tried to add a little detail. The sandbags were useful to add extra colour, water in the shellholes for variety (you can never go wrong with water on a layout!)and a bit of flock to break up the muddy landscape. I have a machine that makes the long strands of grass stand up which looks very effective.

The wire and board walks finished it off. The wire is probably the most delicate part of the layout but you can't do a World War One trench layout without wire.

the quiet before the storm

an empty sectorthrough the wirenearly thereanything in the houses?

trenchesmore trenchesimprovised MG position

mG post againhousework

The figures in the pictures are Wargames Foundry and Renegade. The Renegade figures came from the collection of Paul Simms.

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.