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Pegasus Bridge

The whole thing

TMterrain in cooperation with Eleven Tree Designs has designed and manufactured the iconic Pegasus bridge in 1/30th scale.
Each bridge is made to order. It is constructed from laser cut pieces by Eleven Tree Designs for the precision required. Once they have built it, it passes to me at Tmterrain to be painted and weathered.
The following pictures are of the first bridge delivered to a customer. It was on show at the London Toy Soldier show in June 2014 and was in the Toy Soldier Collector magazine at the end of September of the same year. If you were lucky enough to see it at the show you will now what an impressive piece it is.

pegasus bridge modelpegasus bridge modelpegasus bridge model3]pegasus bridge model4
pegasus bridge model5pegasus bridge model6pegasus bridge model7pegasus bridge model8
pegasus bridge model9pegasus bridge model10

The photos have been supplied by The Toy Soldier Collector and the figures in the photos are from Figarti supplied for the photos by Clive at Grey Goose Collectables.

A complete bridge is £950 with shipping calculated once the order is placed. We do ship all over the world- a special wooden carton has been designed to pack it safely for shipping.
We would require a £500 deposit when you place the order with balance before shipping.
Please email me for any questions you have and to place an order.