TMT - History in Miniature

Scratch Built Structures and dioramas

My buildings and dioramas are all unique even if you want me to copy one I have already done – I always try to add something a little different. Over the years I have built wooden, brick and concrete buildings set in most of the continents of the world. I have made the simplest wooden shack up to a complicated Arnhem church. I constructed bridges of all sorts, forts, castles, blockhouses and wizard’s towers- you name it. I have also shipped buildings all over the world so please don’t be put off if you are on the other side of the world!

The process of commissioning work is simple:

  1. Contact me with your idea however brief.
  2. I will suggest a very rough price for doing it.
  3. If that is OK, we then discuss and tighten up the brief until we are both happy.
  4. I will quote a firm price based (not including shipping) on our final decisions.
  5. We can then discuss time scale and agree a delivery date
  6. One month before I start the project I will want a deposit usually no more than 20% of the value
  7. Upon completion, I will calculate shipping costs and expect payment in full before I ship to you.
  8. That is it.

email me or phone me on 01509 828002 and ask for David if you have any questions or enquiries.