TMT - History in Miniature

Terrain boards

My standard terrain board is 595mm square which is just short of two feet square. They are 40mm thick. They are made with an 18mm thick MDF frame with a hardboard base. I then fill the frame with insulation foam and then go from there. The wooden frame makes them almost indestructible and the edge is of each board is so clean and precise that the boards butt up very well together.

I make the boards as I am commissioned so I can make them exactly as you want them. I use my own pallet of colours but if you want something specific then that is not a problem.

I tend to use flock for a grassy finish and various mixes of sand and other textures for more earthy finishes. The flock finish is hard wearing but I do still paint the ground work first. The finish is suitable for wargamers and collectors.

I can build any features on the boards- rivers, cliffs, trenches etc etc. Have a look at the gallery page for examples. You just have to email me or phone me on 01509 828002 and ask for David to discuss your ideas.

Prices start from £40 for a flat board with no upper limit as you can fit an awful lot onto one board if you want to. Saying that, a hill or river will add another £25 to the price. When you are working out a budget look at £40 for a basic board and £65 for anything else and you won't be far off. I will still quote the whole job once we have finalised details.

I can also make boards different sizes and thicknesses. The biggest I can go is 90cm (or three feet) square. They are enormous and the smallest I have done is 15cm square (six inches). I do boards down to 18mm thick on MDF but I feel uncomfortable doing a board any thinner because of warping.
Any boards that are not 'standard' will be priced once details are agreed on.